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depersonalization and hypnosis

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I am going to be hypnotized by my cognitive behavioral therapist tomorrow for my depersonalization. I was wondering if any of you had tried this and found it helpful and what or how it even works? Thanks so much for your support and advice. :D
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Nooooooooooo! Don't do it!

At best it won't help.
I don't want to say to much out of fear of an argument.
I personaly place hypnosis at about the same level as shock therapy.
I have been hypnotized before and it was exactly what I expected.
Your mind opens up completly to suggestion. You give semi control of your mind to someone else.
Not all suggestions are good mind you.
For instanse, You can take in my suggestion to not get hypnotized or you can just say I am dumb and get hypnotized anyway. It is your choice to determine if my suggestion is good or not.
When you are hypnotized you lose your choice in the matter.
If I tell you to do something wile hypnotized you will most likely do what I command.
I get this from experience, not from hearsay.
I am just personaly very against hypnosis. I don't understand how intelligent doctors can even recomend it.

hopenfaith let us know how it goes.
I don't think the CBT doc has a clue what to do. Thats probably why he runs off to the pseudo healer.
Monkeydust you are right, I seem to be alone in my opinion and I figured I would be.

Shock therapy and lobotomies are very powerful but yes they are diffrent than hypnotism.

Actually I think shock therapy and lobotomies are even more powerful than hypnotism.

Has anyone heard of MKULTRA (code name for CIA mind control study)?

Did you know hypnotism was used?

I don't know the significance of this but hypnotism was used in MKULTRA.

MKULTRA, what a world we live in A :shock: .
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I recommend meditation. But I can't see how hypnosis could be good for anyone with dp/dr.
I think I would rather smoke some pot then go under hypnosis.
but definately NOT transcendental meditation. that has cause dp/dr in many people.
Even regular meditation can be bad if you do to much of it. I was just talking about regular 5-10min meditation in order to focus and calm yourself. Like many thangs meditation is good in moderation.
Neil I don't care about interesting.

I care about the truth.

If something is bad then why should we persue it just becuase it is "interesting"?

Crack can be interesting I am sure.

So should we all smoke crack?

What is with me is that I don't want people to screw their heads up even more then they already have.
"Hypnosis is a wonderful experience and you have control all the time"


Then what is the meaning of hypnosis again?
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