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depersonalization and hypnosis

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I am going to be hypnotized by my cognitive behavioral therapist tomorrow for my depersonalization. I was wondering if any of you had tried this and found it helpful and what or how it even works? Thanks so much for your support and advice. :D
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No they're not.

Shock therapy sends a stong electrical pulse through the brain; lobotomies simply cut out part of the brain (the frontal lobes). In neither case does it affect the "unconscious", it simply physically alters the brain in some way. It's rather like the difference between fixing a broken TV by going inside and looking at the electronics, or simply hitting it with a baseball bat.

Irrespective of how it went for you, Lostone, many on here seem to have had success with it, so I don't see any valid reason for you universalizing your personal experience to judge the efficacy of treatment for all.
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