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Depersonalization= a problematic mind and therefore life

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Does anyone actually realize, how deeply hurt they are? You can be hurt, but be looking away from it so it is not fully realized. We are all hurt, but all hurt in different ways. Nobody can tell you or describe to you how you are hurt. And if you live life carrying around this hurt with you all the time, life won’t be bright, it will be dull. Because it won’t be seen through fresh eyes. Of course, because hurt manifests in different ways it ranges in severity. But I wonder how many here realize, that depersonalization is a result of our hurt?

So, how do you eliminate it? Do you make money, gain social connections, make your life on the outside more active and vibrant? Or is there something which can end, on the inside, so something new can take place? To end your past hurt, so that there is none presently either. But what does that mean? If I am hurt then what am I? Aren’t I an image, a collection of memories and accumulated experiences which is associated with an image I have about myself? And this image can be hurt. So as long as I have an image, there will inevitably be hurt. Therefore, ending hurt is also ending the self image. But don’t mistake what this image is. It’s not an idea, it’s a living and active movement inside of the mind. So can you perceive and look at it in real time, and decide to drop it so there is no more hurt?

Perhaps the true answer is both. Having no baggage will give more meaning to your daily life wouldn’t it? Therefore there is a new opportunity of living a more active life because you are full of energy. Full of energy to push yourself through life, and to be a light to yourself.
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i accepted to live with this until the end of my life. i can work and make money, my dick is still working properly and i can get hunger. my sleep is okay as well so i have every requirement for live this life to the end. „how“ and „why“ and „what“ is not necessary. 50 years yet and then i did it. better i develop myself further in real life, than ruminating 15 years long on a cure or hiding me behind excuses for real life challenges, to come back at the end to this forum and make a post with „hi, i have been depersonalized for 30 years“
I believe this attitude to be one of the central problems of the depersonalization community. Due to your lack of emotional experience you will always be missing out on every life experience you make. Your life will be far away from being complete and you will always know that it is a shell of what it could and should have been, no matter how much you delude yourself that you "accept" this hell. "Acceptance" of depersonalization disorder is and will always be a misnomer, because utlimately both on an individual and systemic scale it's what keeps depersonalization going, by keeping sufferers from trying treatments that could work for them and by preventing sufferers from addressing the external causes of the lack of treatments, which is the ignorance of psychiatry. For example just look at what patients with chronic fatigue syndrome are doing. They are acting in exactly the opposite direction and it worked well for them, since chronic fatigue syndrome is getting more recognition and research thanks to aggressive advocacy of patient groups.

Basically you are giving up and surrendering your life to this disorder, probably with the motive in the back of your head that you will be "rewarded" with a recovery for your acceptance. It's the same way clerics tricked the common folks for millenia by telling them that after their life of hardship a glorious heaven awaits them.
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What is the best way to conceptualize this….phenomenon? Is IT a thing, entity, or process (like cancer or a broken leg) that is reducible to matter? Is it solely an undesirable experience (like pain), the existence and intensity of which is contingent on whether and to what degree we are focusing our attention on it? Or is it more of an action (like obsessions and compulsions) that we are actively creating through the meaning that we attach to our experiences?
Of course it is a mental disorder per the defintion of ICD-11:

"Mental, behavioural and neurodevelopmental disorders are syndromes characterised by clinically significant disturbance in an individual's cognition, emotional regulation, or behaviour that reflects a dysfunction in the psychological, biological, or developmental processes that underlie mental and behavioural functioning. These disturbances are usually associated with distress or impairment in personal, family, social, educational, occupational, or other important areas of functioning."

And since all mental phenomena are dependent on the brain it is in a way "reducible to matter".

I think before answering what is the cause or cure for DPDR, we need to come to a good understanding of what it is.
This is wrong. There are countless examples of medical problems where effective treatments arose far before a good understanding of the underlying pathophysiology was achieved or is still elusive.
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