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Hey everyone!

I came across this study: Unfortunately its not easily accessible (you have to log in via a university etc.), but I managed to get access to it, and maybe you can too :). I found it very interesting, and it rocked my view on dpdr. I have had this condition for over a decade, the psychiatry hasn't helped me basically at all (except for one doctor) so I had to take it into my own hands.

For you who can't read it the author has studied the relationship between meditation and dpdr. He writes that in some meditation practices (in this case transcendental meditation) and in yoga the dpdr state is desirable. Especially this "break" between a kind of automized self and an active or controlled self (that feels unreal). I personally have had this "problem" but haven't seen it described anywhere. So he has interviewed 6 (transcendental) meditators that have gotten dpdr from it. But since its a desirable "effect" they have achieved they don't suffer from it.(!)

His conclusion is that you can change how you see dpdr depending on which context it is in. And that's probably the biggest point, if you get dpdr, anyhow, you might think that something is wrong with you, you have mental issues etc. and suffer from it, but if you instead see it in another context that you believe in, in this case (transcendental) meditation you might see it as a step in you meditation practice that is desirable, and you might think that you have achieved something and then the dpdr instead is desirable.

The difference is that the meditators with dpdr that see this as a progression step don't suffer from it or have anxiety, they also seemed to live happy lives.

You can also see it as a natural response of the brain In some cases. This might not make the dpdr go away, but it can make you live with it, hopefully without suffering and/ or anxiety.

I recommend you reading it!

All the best.
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