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Hia All,

As you may know from my previous post or from the FaceBook group, I have started a new site for DP/DR. I am adding stuff all the time, both for sufferers and for medical staff.

I am posting, really looking for ideas, comments, thoughts etc? Anything that you think would be helpful to anyone with any kind of Dissociative Depersonalisation Disorders?

I have started a new blog which will be updated frequently. I am using these forums as the linked to forums, I discussed this with Erin and she thought it was a good idea. The more info we have on hand for sufferers and those treating people the better.

I am also looking for anyone wiling to write, either articles about DP or for the Blog.

I really want to have as up to date information on the site as possible, there really is a dearth of decent solid information and even the main psychologists working in the field disagree on many aspects.

The Blog Is Here:

Depersonalisation.Org BLOG

If any of you care to have a look, critical comments and ideas etc are very welcome as is any help from anyone ;)

Cheers - Shaun
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