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Depakote: someone break it down for me

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I just got prescribed depakote and i'm a bit freaked out about trying it tommorrow. I haven't taken a benzo in weeks and in my semi-sober state of mind, i know things are still very very off and i needed another med. My doc suggested Depakote (anti-convulsant) which sounded like a great idea at the time. I'm hoping it will kill my mania which really makes my visuals terribly worse. I'm also hoping the anti-seizure properties will curb my low-grade seizures I sometimes have. Those seizures are my evil chronic acid flashbacks which have been plaguing me for over a year now.

I need some positive support. It'd be great if someone could respond who has intense visuals like me, but anyone will do.

If this doesn't work but is still promising, i'll move down the anti-convulsant chain, then if that doesn't work i'll shimmy to the antipsychotics which i would like to avoid at all costs.
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Fant?me said:
Sorry to leave you hanging. I don't remember, it was like 2 years ago.


Don't ban me again. I'll behave and didn't you chase out the person who hated me most?

edit: I'll bet only three people here remember me.
ziggo!! banned again?? LOL LOL!!
how long will you last this time? ;)

I'm on Dopamax now, it's doing nothing, not even making me skinny 'n stupid...what a scam!
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