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Does anyone here ever get delusions or delusional thinking? Is it possible to suffer from delusions and know that they are delusions? Also, do delusions get more intense or worst over time if not dealt with? I am scared to tell my mental health team that I have delusions because I fear it is the nail in the coffin to diagnosing me with schizophrenia. My delusions are usually paranoid in nature or have something to do with people getting one over on me or doing things to purposely make me mad. Or I have other delusions as well, such as people say things or do things just for me when they don't hahaha. Its hard to explain :p ... If anyone here does have clinical delusions could you please share?

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I have been in deep psychosis (voices, delusions, hallucinations) and also have experienced just being neurotic.

From my view and with those experiences in mind, you sound to me like you're very preoccupied with anxiety.
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