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Delta 8?

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Anyone try delta 8 while while derealized/depersonalized? Some guy was out here recommending delta 8 gummies cause they were more of a body high and not too strong.
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I’ve tried plenty of things including delta 8 (and I have chronic DP)

It seems like anything I do to get high (even booze) makes me feel like shit a lot of times. But I still question that it’s a direct reaction. Like for example, If I smoke weed while I have DP, what is dictating whether or not I feel good is NOT just the weed. I’m very hyper aware of my own mental processes, and I know I can still have a good experience because I have before. Im not sold on the idea it’s all just “brain chemistry”. That’s basically saying that I AM dependent on my chemistry. But what is my chemistry? It’s me right? So, what am I? There’s no answer to this strong delta 8 gummies. Don’t listen to all the people saying not to do anything. Fuck around with all of it and find out for YOURSELF.

Delta 8 I’ve had good experiences but I’ve had far better luck with CBD+Delta 9 vapes & HHC weed
I had never heard of it before I saw this CBD company with products with "Delta 8 THC". Apparently, it's a form of high that is stronger than CBD(obviously because CBD gives no high), where you remain clear-headed and focused. Apparently, it's legal for this company to ship Delta 8 THC products anywhere in the country. I'm just curious for those who have tried it - is it truly comparable to a normal THC high, or is it really a much more watered-down high?
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