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Delta 8?

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Anyone try delta 8 while while derealized/depersonalized? Some guy was out here recommending delta 8 gummies cause they were more of a body high and not too strong.
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marijuana induces depersonalization. recreational drugs aren't a treatment for depersonalization syndrome.
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Can you tell me what depersonalization is? Besides a disorganized bunch of symptoms that vary from person to person? When you say it “induces DP”, you’re looking at depersonalization like it’s something as acute and understandable as OCD. I think nobody understands DP because it’s not something fixed. There’s no model to understand what it is or why it comes and goes

As far as I know, there is no treatment. So why let anything get in the way of living your life? I smoke weed and I don’t have panic attacks. And I experience depersonalization symptoms
They use marijuana and then immediately get depersonalization. For many people, marijuana will be the thing that pushes then over the edge into an anxious, dissociative, or psychotic episode. This has been empirically proven. Everyone's reaction to marijuana is different. Some people feel happy and more at peace. Some people get a clearer understanding of what their emotions are and what they want to do.

As for, "Why let anything get in the way of your life," marijuana isn't my life because every time I use between 10mg and 20mg of edible for instance I have an anxiety-depersonalization attack. This dosage is in reference to THC cannabis or Delta-9. I think Delta-8 derives from hemp and is less strong.

As for marijuana as a treatment for depersonalization, I wouldn't pull something like that out of my ass, especially not when marijuana can cause depersonalization. If people want to use a drug then just use it without nonsense reasoning.
I had never heard of it before I saw this CBD company with products with "Delta 8 THC". Apparently, it's a form of high that is stronger than CBD(obviously because CBD gives no high), where you remain clear-headed and focused. Apparently, it's legal for this company to ship Delta 8 THC products anywhere in the country. I'm just curious for those who have tried it - is it truly comparable to a normal THC high, or is it really a much more watered-down high?
It's dose dependent, like all things. Delta-8 and Delta-9 are both THC. Delta-8 is in hemp and Delta-9 is in cannabis. Delta-8 comparatively gets you less high. You should go on Google instead of asking random people who will give you misinformation.
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