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Deja vu

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Does anyone know what psychologists think causes deja vu?
Personally I can't think of one logical explanation for it.
I've been getting such intense deja vu lately. I'm starting to sort of believe that my life has already been lived. It's a little troubling..
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I am not sure where the med people are on this now, but years ago with the early research on dp there was discussion of the temporal lobe and its realtionship (possibly) to dp. Deja vu was part of the realtionship they were trying to build between temporal lobe activiy and depersonalization, for many of us dr/dp'ers have had deja vu as do folks with bonifide temporal lobe problems. But I think all humans have deja vu though at some point right? Do we have it more than the general population? I do not know. I know at least one researcher in 1987 (Torch) said this relationship was pure bunk, but I know others are still holding to it. Among other parts of the realtionship were rigid, hypervigalent and obsessive personalities. I used to have deja vu all the time, many times a week, and sometimes it would last a few minutes it seemed. But I have not had it for a very long time. I used to enjoy it actually.
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