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Deja vu

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Does anyone know what psychologists think causes deja vu?
Personally I can't think of one logical explanation for it.
I've been getting such intense deja vu lately. I'm starting to sort of believe that my life has already been lived. It's a little troubling..
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There is an excellent article on deja vu in Scientific American Mind Volume 16, Number 1. It was out April/May of this year -- 2005

The article is noted on the cover as "Deja Vu Explained"

Inside, page 32 "Strangely Familiar" by Uwe Wolfradt
"Researchers are starting to pin down what deja vu is and why it arises. But have you read this already? Maybe you just can't remember."

Catchy -- :roll:

I understood it I think as indeed reliving a moment that we think is new but is actually part of something we've already experienced -- nothng mystical... an experience that has happened seconds before.

There are pathological states of deja vu where someone can be stuck in it. That's is not a pretty picture. Again there's a normal mechansim gone bad.

Perceptual distortions like this involve sensory input/output/memory/cognitive functioning. Not easy to sort out. But the explanation given is pretty interesting.

try going to to see if there is an old article on it, or if you can order a back issue. That issue is really quite fascinating all around. The magazine has a number of articles on altered states of consciousness.

D :shock:
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Found the link to the article. Hope it works. ACH now I think I have the flu. Could account for my depression spiking. Sigh.

I have had DP/DR most of my life and haven't experienced a lot of deja vu. I don't think I've experienced more than the average person.

Odd. I don't understand all of this.

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