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Woke up at around 1pm because I stayed up late reading about music production. If I recall correctly I had some sporadic thoughts early on but nothing too crazy. I spent a huge part of the day doing music production stuff and talking about music with my trainer. Throughout the day I felt anxious at times, felt hypersensitive (felt tingles in body, overly aware of sensations, etc), was rereading lines, felt tired at times and had the typical intrusive thoughts that try to take over my focus. If I am reading thoughts will come and think about something else and it will take me 2-3 seconds to realize I'm no longer reading, I'm not even thinking myself, these thoughts just come and grab my attention. Continuous mind training, hard work, ignoring of the thoughts while focusing on the task at hand should solve this.

The day wasn't bad, chilled out at home and focused on my new craft. The anxiety was annoying at times and disruptions while reading are a huge annoyance. That being said, the day certainly wasn't the best.

DP-DR wise things looked different at times, felt different at times but I just ignore it and do the things that I want to do.

Fuck OCD, fuck DP-DR, fuck anxiety, etc.

I can't wait to beat this :]

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