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Death and Depersonalization

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Hey there guys and dolls,

So I was wondering, because it's been on my mind that I sometimes worry about death and dying WITH depersonalization.

Does anyone else have these thoughts, feelings?

I mean, what would it feel like - unreality times 2, when kicking the bucket?

I just don't understand - yes, I understand I'm still young, and have the hopes to get better one day, but I just want some peace of mind know ing when I do kick the bucket, I will know I really did kick the bucket, and not be stuck spiritually between life, and death because I have DP - if that makes any sense whatso ever.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated, small or large.

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It occurs to me that death is the ultimate "depersonalization", followed by general anesthesia. I was under anesthesia once for over 5 hours. I have no clue where that time went. No dreams, no pain, ....nothing. I suppose those 5 hours could have been extended to an eternity, given the seriousness of the operation. I probably would have been none the wiser. In any event, no individual has ever complained about his/her death.
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