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Dear Forestx5, Thank you.

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Dear Forestx5,

I have depersonalization since 2005. I am 29 now.

I joined this website about a month or so and one of the first posts I read was by you.


There you had mentioned about Focal Aware Epilepsy. I didn't understand what it was.

However I read a little about it here and there after that.

Then last week I came across your below post.


Next day morning while I was getting ready for work I had a breakthrough. Suddenly it occurred to me that the problems I've been dealing with could be explained as brain seizures. I used to think I have Aspergers, Bipolar and OCD. And some physical conditions such as Gastritis and IBS.

I went to see a neurologist this week and I did a EEG. I haven't got the results yet. I don't know if this EEG will be enough to get a diagnosis because I don't think I had any seizure activity while doing the EEG.

My this post is a Thank You for your compassion towards other people. Even though I haven't got a diagnosis yet I know for a fact you've changed my life for the better.

I read many posts by you in the last few days and I came to know a little about yourself and your journey.

I would like you to know that I hope to always remember you with a feeling of loving-kindness.


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Thank you for your kind words, Abe89, If your EEG results do not provide information which leads to a diagnosis, you have still learned more about your situation.

While a normal EEG is not necessarily a clean bill of health, it would exclude several common neurological illnesses.

You would not have to suffer a seizure or spell during an EEG for an indication of epileptic activity. The electrical patterns

of the EEG of an epileptic can show seizure activity (spikes), or inter ictal activity such as slow waves. If slow waves are detected,

the neurologist might order a time study EEG whereby you would wear wires and a recording device for a few days to see

if spike activity is occurring. If you have spike activity, then you will be treated by a neurologist. If not, then you get referred back

to psychiatry, even if your EEG shows you were likely to have been epileptic at one time. I don't see a big difference between

panic attacks, and focal temporal lobe seizures. I suggest that anyone who suffers from panic attacks to have an EEG.

Sadly, a psychiatrist or psychologist is not likely to refer a patient with panic attacks for an EEG.
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