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make me really sad.. it just sucks man

i wish it could be like, if God said run 3 miles a day for a year and your dp will be cured, god damn im doing that

but we dont know what to do to get better, its like a fucked mind game, am i gonna be better in year 3? am i gonna be 1 of those guys who've had it for 10 years, like god bless..

i literally dont know what to do man..

i feel like ive tried everything, medicine, running every day, no caffenine, more medicine, like damn man

i dont know what the hell to do, and it aint bad all the time

just sucks when i see this girl that i work with who i work with like once or twice a week and i just have nothing to say, or cant be funny, and i know before all this shit man i could get this girl

just sucks man

its like a reminder that im fucked, and this thing i want is right in my face and i cant do anything

yeah i try but when u talk to people and its always weird, and i have nothing funny to say ever, its a struggle man

i dont know.. gonna get some jack daniels and drink up today

my rams won, sorry cowboy fans

but even that hasnt cheered me up

idk man

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Bro i fuckin feel you. I’m hammered rn but I feel that shit 100% I work with this chick she’s hot as fuck and she’s mad into me like crazy. And yo I made out w this chick but I fucked it up Bc I was actin mad weird Around her at work and she went back to her girlfriend (she’s bi) I’m so mad yo this shit coulda gone somewhere if I was in my regular state of mind. FUCK DP
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