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Since I was little, I always used to daydream a lot... It was always normal for me, but since I have DP/DR I'm asking myselve why I do it? It's thr only nice thing in my life... I ask myselve why can't things be like in my dreams? I always get so sad when I stop daydreaming, because my life is so boring and not good to live... I always have to force myselve to stop doing it... I'm scared that I'm trapped in my dreamreality
What should I do? Can anyone relate?
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It's because of your personality. It's called a Mediator (INFP personality). I can relate to your story. I'm always living inside my head as well, coming up with the greatest fantasies and outcomes to daily situations. But when reality kicks in it is accompanied by sadness, because reality is not perfect. Not like it was inside my head.

In a healthy way this could give us A LOT of creativity and can be seen as one of our greatest strengths, but in dark times it is also our weakness sadly.

There are a lot of people who can't even visualize their lives or even have a fantasy. So you could say that we live a much more meaningful live with more awareness than an average joe.

It's the trick to manage your expectations and let fantasies be for what they are. You need to get outside your head more often and face the harsh reality it can be sometimes. Life was not supposed to be fun all the time, so we as dreamers need to accept that and move on. There's nothing more we can do about it.
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