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Since I was little, I always used to daydream a lot... It was always normal for me, but since I have DP/DR I'm asking myselve why I do it? It's thr only nice thing in my life... I ask myselve why can't things be like in my dreams? I always get so sad when I stop daydreaming, because my life is so boring and not good to live... I always have to force myselve to stop doing it... I'm scared that I'm trapped in my dreamreality
What should I do? Can anyone relate?
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I can relate. Don't know what to do about it. I've just tried my best to make my fantasies a reality (they aren't like superhero fantasies, they are things that could become reality), but when/if they don't I just get horribly suicidally depressed. I also cannot understand how "normal" people live their lives. I really do not and cannot understand the appeal. Don't know if there's anything we can do about that. For me, since it's not the largest impediment to my functioning right now, I'm putting this issue on the back burner. At least, that's how I'm coping with it for now.
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