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Today my finace and I spent the day downtown Toronto. This is something that I would have NEVER been ok with last week, but I was excited about it today. I did my best to not think about my feeling of Derealization, even though it was very strong. I did a great job, mostly because I was distracted by all the shopping. We met my Dad and brother for brunch and I was so excited to share all of my new information with them. It was quite a tiring day, as we didn't get home until about 7pm, but I felt somewhat energetic and very happy all day long. I think it's a combination of the Cipralex really kicking in, and me being so excited that I finally understand what I'm suffering from.

I've been looking at DP/DR artwork online and have never felt so connected. The visuals truly make me feel like I'm not alone. I enjoy sharing them with my fiance too so that he can see how I'm feeling from another perspective. Something new that I learned today, the problem that I have when reading is likely related to Derealization. Another member posted that when he tried to read text written on paper, pieces almost blank themselves out of every sentence. This is something that I never understood and something that nobody I knew could relate to. Being a part of this online community is really helping. I hope that my newfound interest in learning everything about this disorder isn't going to make the Derealization worse, because in a way, I guess I'm spending time focusing on it. We shall see!

One day left before my return to work.
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