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Day 3.

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Last night around 8pm I was feeling rather edgy and wondering what Ativan would feel like during the day, so I took one. It didn't make me tired, or feel more derealized, it just made me calm. Good to know for when I go back to work next week! I pretty much slept through the night, but I'm assuming that that's because I took an Ativan before bed.

Today I woke up feeling pretty good and was able to focus a little bit on the work I have to do. I was excited to go back to the therapist and tell her all that I've learned. I saw her on Monday and told her about my "spacey" feeling (that's the word I used to describe Derealization) and she thought that the spacey feeling was likely a medical problem and not anxiety. Today I went back and talked about my findings on Derealization and was able to explain my feelings more easily. She said that I was absolutely right. I told her about my trips out of the house, most especially to the mall and my thought process behind it, and she was so happy for me! She said that without knowing it, I was doing CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) for myself! I feel like a different person now that I understand Derealization, not the same person as I was before it, but not the same person that I was when I was severely suffering from it.

Looking forward to a weekend with new experiences, and going back to work on Monday. (Don't get me wrong, definitely nervous though!)
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