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David Blaine & Cris Angel!

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I knew these these guys were big phonies. I was wondering how they did all this levitation crap without any camera tricks and wires and stuff. Turns out that they use wires and camera tricks all the time.
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You guys beat me to the post. I was thinking about posting something about Chris Angel after seeing his show last Sunday night. The whole way through the show I was thinking what a load of crap and how may people would be suckered into believing that levitation is possible.

Yeah right, never met the people he performed the illusion in front of. What bullsh*t. I kept my focus on the volunteers, err actors, to see how good they where at passing as innocent bystanders. I must admit they were pretty convincing, but how deceitful. And I squirm when hear the word 'energy' in these shows. The pathetic dialogue about how you need to tap into this energy to reach the pinnacle of your human potential. Remember we all have access to this energy and once tamed even us mere mortals could levitate. :roll:

After the show I hit the net and landed on a few forums about this guy. Some people were so dead set on how his stuff is not phoney. The mind boggles. They talked about kundulini energy, charkas, yogi states etc. Fortunately most commented on how this guy is charlatan and spoke about staged actors and CGI. Apparently you can purchase the secret on how to perform your own levitation illusion and it will only set you back a mere $3k. They also spoke about David Blaine who I don't know anything about.

I bet you that if this guy was fully exposed there would still be people out there that would swear blind that this bloke is genuine.

I tell you something, I wouldn't mind having the guys physique...he is pretty buffed.
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This crap was on last night..., started watching it and had to switch channels after five minutes. Just knowing how phony that guy is made me ill. Never watching it again.
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