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Dating and DP/advice?

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Those that are in relationships.. how do you cope with having dp and a partner? I’m single, an attractive female that doesn’t find it hard to attract a man but keeping one is the issue. I date but then it gets uncomfortable and I find it easier to just drop a guy rather than stick with them because of my dp and non dp issues. I don’t want to bring anyone to my unresolved issues until I heal my own issues... any advice would be appreciated.
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Firstly I would say, don't listen to me as I'm not very good at relationships! (Mummy issues, I guess, lolz) But I would also say that everyone, dp'd or not, has issues, so you'll be waiting forever if you want to fix yourself before you have a relationship.

Now, this depends, because there may be some things you might need to work through first, say if you are in the habit of choosing partners who are bad for you, in which case, some counselling might help.

But if you are just doing that classic dp thing of believing you need fixing, which only reinforces the idea there is something wrong with you when there might not be, then, as I say, you'll be waiting forever, and a good partner will want to know you, warts and all.
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I think that's always the big one: fear of getting hurt. I've pushed people away for that reason, so I can relate. I don't know that there's anyway around that one though, with any relationship that's a possibility, it's just if we're willing to take that chance, ya know.

That's cool you have a date with a good guy, I hope you have a good night, and don't put pressure on the situation, just have fun. It's okay to have boundaries and define how you want things to be. If he's a nice fella he'll listen and understand if you need some space sometimes.
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