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I got made redundant yesterday - will most likely be out of a job in the next 14 days.

So if anyone knows of places looking for IT Engineers/Technicians, let me know!
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oh, that sucks a fat one, doesn't it? do you get money for unemployment?
mc, how'd you get a work visa? or did you just get paid under the table?
yeah, it's not just in england that it's hard to get a job's everywhere in europe now. it's that damned european union messing it up for all of us from the u.s.. i lived in spain for 6 months and couldn't find a job at all. granted, during tourist season i may have been able to find one, but all i wanted to do was go to festivals, drink, and lay on the beach...ahhhh spain! what a wonderful country!
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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