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I got made redundant yesterday - will most likely be out of a job in the next 14 days.

So if anyone knows of places looking for IT Engineers/Technicians, let me know!
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In theory, for us Brits we are allowed to go and live permanently, no questions asked, in any country in the european union. We are all one big happy family. I didn't have any trouble living and working in Holland at all - probably because the Dutch don't like making a fuss, but anyway. All I had to do was register with the police, who just said shrugged their shoulders and said 'Thanks, bye', and get a SOFI (tax) number. That was it.

I'd love to move to a med country. Spain, or preferably Italy.

On the other hand, from what I've heard from friends, unless you have a close blood relative of the country your moving to, it's easier and less painless to cut off your arm than get a job outside the EU. America, and OZ, are particular bastards in this respect. I guess that's the same for Yanks and Ozzies trying to work here, but if you went to ANY bar in London it certainly doesn't seem that way! :) Anyway, who wants to work over here ? It's the most expensive country on the planet !!!
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