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just saw my ex today were i work at, havent seen her in months and talking to her was cool, it was a little awkward, literally almost went in for a kiss twice, was weird just hugging her haha

but anyways, it was at a restraunt that i work at, and i sat there and talked with her and her parents for a little bit, it was cool, just like old times

but then i get this text later from my ex saying she misses me and that she loves me deeply and this and that, she said shes been at the bar with her sister and shes all in her feelings

but it sucks getting those messages, there r times i do miss her and think about her and stuff, but i really dont know what to do

i dont know if i loved her like that, we r gonna have lunch soon and maybe then ill see how i feel

it just sucks man, me and this girl been thru hell and back, and we only broke up cus of our situtations

i always thought u kno maybe ill chill for a little bit and maybe down the line we'd get back together

i dont want to just break it off with this girl cus i do care for her, i just dont kno.. i dont want to hold her back either

shes moving to another state soon for a really good job and im just stuck being fucked in the head and working my tail off at a job that aint gonna make me shit

idk man, i just wish she'd move on and forget me, i think that would make things easier..

and she did tell me, she said tell me if u dont love me and i wont bother u again, but thats tough man, i dont want it to be like that

like i said i do care for her very much, we've been thru hell and back and i did think maybe down the line somewhere we'd get back together

idk.. whats yall relationships like, if u truly loved someone would u just say fuck it and be with them no matter what, is that what that is, i just wish i was better man and i co9uld truly feel what i would want to do in this situation..

idk man, just rambling, any opinions would be cool..
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