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DAE get triggered by the mere mention of dpdr?

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Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've visited this wonderful forum.

long story short I was diagnosed with dpdr and cptsd about 2 years ago, and since then with no improvement the mere mention of dpdr makes me dissociate, as I'm writing this now, I start to feel detached, I can't really research allot about this topic, and in general it's hard to talk about it to anyone because of the dissociation, and also, well you know, most people don't understand.

so my question is this, does anyone else also have this phenomenon? how do you cope? does it get better?

oh and just for the heck of it, I've started with Venlafaxine about a year ago, and I think it helped me with the emotional numbness, but I'm also in therapy and away from my abusers so who knows.. (my psychiatrist won't let me reduce my medication unfortunately)
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Yeah, although sometimes I'm always dissociated, when I'm not it easily can, It diffidently happens with other people because I see it gets triggered plenty (which seems pointless but I guess if you see it for a second it might not be as bad as watching something on it for longer)

Onto coping, If you have a pet try interacting with them in some way (petting, playing, etc.) to bring yourself back physically, and maybe think of memories you have of the pet to entirely ground yourself. Or grab an object and try recalling memories connected to it, like how you got it and try to go to a memory from there (like if a friend gave it to you, try recalling memories connected to that friend, try doing that enough until you feel grounded enough to continue whatever you were doing!
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