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d0 things s0und really l0ud ??

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s0rry guys with all these p0st i just have al0t of questions...
d0es anyone have the feeling 0f everyone talking really l0ud.. i have had dp f0r almost 2 years and i never had this b4 except f0r today ..well just n0w my parents are talking to me and its sounds like they are shouting..and its not goign that a common symptom..thanks

<3 michelle..
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i had the sound problem for about 6 months, as if everyone was shouting, i couldnt watch the tv as it just echoed through my head and the kids playing was hell and people screaming,you just feel like throttling someone, its calmed down now or maybe i am just use to it. i think we all go through different stages of focussing on different symptoms
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