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Hello all. Came to this forum by a circuitous route. Google brought to my attention an article that reported that Reddit groups and forums dedicated to the depersonalization/dissociation subject were limiting discussion of the full length Black Mirror episode Bandersnatch Google brought this fact to my attention because I am a major Black Mirror fan. (Surprise) So I looked into the Reddit group, which in turn led me to this forum.

I am a long time uh experiencer of this psycho-neurological disorder. To say that I suffer from it would be too strong. Worst episodes were in my teens -- surprise -- which are a rather long time ago. At this point the experience of dissociation is part of who I am. Definitely influences my taste in popular culture. I seek out novels and movies where dissociation and a general surreal take on life is part of the narrative. It's familiar territory. After all when the going gets weird the weird turn pro.

At this point my interest in the subject is pretty much forensic, No resets in this life, However is good to finally have a label for my experience Even better is finding people that understand what I have experienced at a visceral level.

I am diagnosed with clinical depression -- in remission at present. I take a cocktail to ensure this. (List available upon request). I am excited -- if that is the word -- by recently finding a psychiatric social worker that has experience with trauma issues. It's great to not have have to be the clinician's learning experience.
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