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Cut the philosophy sh*t

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I think that any discussion regarding any kind of philosophy is the last thing anyone needs on this forum., Discussing Nietzsche, Hegel, Polany, is like trying to put your fire out with gasoline. I am in to that stuff as well but now is not the time in my opinion for any of you to be discussing such things of that matter. I have cut the philosophy out of my mind for quite some time now, and boy do I feel really good.

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I'm a sick sick person. This is happening because of chemicals in my brain. I want the doctors to cure my sickness. I think by allowing society to decide whats right for me and what I should think I'm being a responsible person. Its only through surrendering my freedom to think that I will ever get better. Analysis only creates more division and we should be unified. So please, lets eradicate any original way of viewing our illnesses and abnormalities so we can become efficient and productive humans.

Lets stop exploring spiritual, philosphical, or alternative explanations and connections. Because it is only when we are unified in our absolutely correct and consensual view of mental illness that anyone will be cured.

It is only when dissent is eradicated that we can ever truly get anything done.

Exactly there are alternative forums here. So why make a thread disregarding entire areas of explanation when its apparently important enough to comprise its own forum? And to say that the general forum should be COMPLETELY free of any philsophical thought regarding DP is ridiculous. Topics directly relating to the spiritual or philsophical ideas and DP should go on either thats life or spirituality, however people will interpret their experiences differently and we should allow that.
No don't relax. Never let anyone tell you to relax. Let the ideas flow and keep the faith brother (ok well...maybe not faith).

I'm going to go look at porn now.
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