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Cut the philosophy sh*t

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I think that any discussion regarding any kind of philosophy is the last thing anyone needs on this forum., Discussing Nietzsche, Hegel, Polany, is like trying to put your fire out with gasoline. I am in to that stuff as well but now is not the time in my opinion for any of you to be discussing such things of that matter. I have cut the philosophy out of my mind for quite some time now, and boy do I feel really good.

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Thats right ignorance is bliss.
Might as well just start talking only about money, drugs, and sex like most normal people do.
person3 said:
yes we should, because our reactions to THOSE things are where the real source of the problems lie, not in the ivory tower.

The way you said "like other people do" might infer some kind of specialness on your you may not deal with those "ordinary things" because you're "better" than that..something to consider.
I don't consider myself as being superior to others. I am just not normal thats all, call me crazy if you like. And by the way its not the first time you have tried to point at me with something like *hey look at this guy, he thinks he is special*, well i got news for ya, you are the one who thinks is special. I have ignored your previous posts since they were just absurd and plainly funny to me. So I am just another mortal being discovering the world aroung me, yes I have questions just like everyone else here, however you seem to have every answer.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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