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Cut the philosophy sh*t

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I think that any discussion regarding any kind of philosophy is the last thing anyone needs on this forum., Discussing Nietzsche, Hegel, Polany, is like trying to put your fire out with gasoline. I am in to that stuff as well but now is not the time in my opinion for any of you to be discussing such things of that matter. I have cut the philosophy out of my mind for quite some time now, and boy do I feel really good.

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I agree with depersonalized. We are stuck with topics like sex and money cause most of us have been robbed of our true passions like philosophy and other mystical topics. And it fucking sucks. It doesn't have anything to do with feeling "special". It's just another miserable aspect of all this dp/anxiety crap.
Yeah that's the messed up thing. People had to wait for the internet to know they weren't alone when doctors could have told them all along. But at least there were medical journals which I'm sure Dreamer has read every one of on the subject of depersonalization. :wink: I know I've spent countless hours at the medical library here looking through them. On the internet though were you can type in "Depersonalization" and it throws up every article with it. How did you search journals without the internet? I'm rambling. I just woke up.
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