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Hello all,

Lurker for a month and just joined. Essentially - I am coming off a 6 year habit of Norco and oxy (recovering addict) It's almost been 30 days for me. I didn't wake up one day with DP/DR nor did I have it initiated by smoking marijuana - which I have done many, many times.

My dp/dr started when I took a dose of my pain pills in the middle of August. I went outside for a cigarette and my hands did not feel as if they were mine. Over the next 1-2 weeks I was obsessed with this and think I may have created this based on opiate usage which would give way to some of the theories here.

I believe that Naltrexone hcl will help and I have already asked my dr to prescribe. I was on subutex (suboxone without the neltrexone) and it made it so much worse.

While I don't have any existential thoughts - the picture of the man looking through eyes is how I feel. I don't feel myself and I constantly ask myself "who I am"

I believe opiate receptors are to blame

my habit was at its peak 150 mg/day oxy until I went in to treatment.

Dp/dr saved my life. But now - I'm looking to part ways with IT.

Hope to talk to some of you soon.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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