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*May have triggers* (Im also typing this on an IPhone)
Hey y'all, for those of you who just now got DP and DR don't lose hope! I was so deep in it when it began that I thought i would be like that forever, and I'd i hadn't found this site, I probably would be.
So you're wondering, "how'd you do it?" Easy, I found this website and I found my problem, that's step one and you've found it.
Before I knew what I had, I thought I was just high, and that's because of the weed brownie I had; that's what started it all. (Note; it's not drugs that cause this, it's due to anxiety or other disorders, drugs and events are merely triggers).
So it was October 12th 2015, I took a bit much of a brownie and it was my first time trying weed. About an hour later, I feel the effects sinking in, and an hour after that, I'm in a full blown anxiety attack, Time was 50% slower, I couldn't stand up right, I had cotton mouth and I felt like I was in a bubble and the world wasn't real.
Come next morning and the THC side effects have worn off buuuut the anxiety attack really messed my brain chemistry up, I was on fight or flight mode for the next 6 months.
For the next 2-3 weeks I was contemplating suicide, not because of depression but because I wanted to know for sure whether anything was real or not. I would get cold flashes every time I was in the sun, I didn't feel like I was in control of my body when I moved my legs or arms to grab things, and my dialogue felt like an RPG game, like I was just this person inside my head, controlling a meat body around.
Come the 2-3 weeks and I'm on yahoo answers and DP self help, I'm reading and reading and I find out what I have and I read the symptoms and once I realized what I had...IT STARTED TO FADE! Anyone who had recovered from DP and DR will tell you that when it starts to go away it feels like it's going away in waves: sometimes you feel like you're normal again, maybe for a day, you constantly think about it, "IM NORMAL! IM NORMAL" and then the next day you're back at it again, and that's normal, that's okay, and those "normal" days will start to come more frequently. It might be once every two or three weeks to start with, and then it'll be twice in a row every two to three weeks, and then every other week and then every week etc etc.
And guys...this takes a long ass time, so here's what I think the cure is (because it worked for me), step one, read up on this site on a bunch of "cures" including mine and then...GET OFF THIS SITE. As much as it is helpful, this site is meant to be temporary for you, it's meant to give you confidence and easy your fear of being like that forever, but once you get what you need from it, don't keep coming back. When I was in DP and DR I would come here EVERY DAY. Eventually this lead me to step 2 (after I got all the cures down)
Step 2: stop thinking about Your condition:
I know it's hard as hell to do that, but that's how you get started, and that's how you get your first "normal" day, try to not think about it and accept it, eventually you'll have your first normal day, and many more to come.
Step 3: Work out, AVOID CAFFIENE AND DRUGS and Go to massage parlors and get back massages (mainly for your neck where all the tense muscles are because of the constant fight or flight mode), and lastly, get at least 8 hours of sleep, or else you're screwed:
Basically, working out releases endorphins that will make you feel relaxed, avoiding drugs and ESPECIALLY ceffiene will help TONS, of you didn't know, caffeine is a SUPER TRIGGER to DP and DR, and although I'm cured, I still get anxious when I drink the stuff (no DP or DR effects tho). And getting massages help with easing your nerves, literally, they massage those back and neck nerves that are always tense.
So what was the recovery like:
Honestly I'm abour 1.5 years out of it, and one of the recovery symptoms is that you start forgetting symptoms. I don't remember half the symptoms that made my day to day struggle miserable and honestly I can't complain, as long as I was getting back to normal I didn't. One day I forgot about DP and DR and about 3 months later I was free. I followed all the guidelines I made myself, workout daily, eat right, avoid drugs and caffeine, and have a social/sex life, and Forget about DP and DR, eventually you'll think about it again and realize you're either 80% free or 90% free...and lastly, keep in mind those last 20% or 10% sometimes take the longest, just small lingering symptoms, nothing major, nothing to mope about, you'll ignore most of them anyway. So I hope this helped, and don't give up, you're on the road to recovery, it won't last forever.
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