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creativity vs. practicality

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How do you personally enjoy and use creativity or day dreaming in your life? Are you both creatively satisfied and enjoying a responsible and practical life? Why or why not?

I love to day dream.

I think it allows me to view reality from a different perspective. It's a fun way to problem solve and view the world, but it has so far mostly been used as a tool to distract myself from either emotional pain, not being where I want to in life, or responsibility. There's not much to show for it externally I think.

It, along with my defense mechanism of intellectualization, has also seperated me from having close relationships for most of my life.

I want to learn the value of a dollar, determination, the physical world, family, love, and of a hard days work, but I want to be creative and find something I can be passionate about.

I want to contribute to society and have fun, and I know that abstract goal isn't easy or unique.

Do or have you had this particular problem of balance?
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