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I am in school full-time currently and need help.

I do well in science and math, oddly totally opposite from my pre-DP highschool days.

But my one english class, basic composition, I am having such a hard time.

Writing a tiny 3-page essay is like building a pyramid. The creative center of my mind is like a drunken friend who needs to wake up because hes late for work. No matter what I throw at it, no matter how much I shake it, no matter what I bribe it with, it is not waking up fast enough. And if I can wake it up, its hungover, lazy, pathetic.

I successfully broke out of my DP chains almost 6 months ago, freeing myself to think about other things, outside world, real world, etc. Life has improved greatly, but my writing circuits are just not back online yet.

Its just hard to do all the things needed for clear, concise college writing.
Well-written, clear thesis statment. HAHA right... I get lost in the analysis of what I want to say.

the previous essays this semester, i just spit out...fully aware they were poorly written trashheaps but not caring.

anyone deal with this? any tips? anyone want to write an essay for me?
i can get you a free email account if you do. JK2K5
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