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Creating team chat on social media

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I think that if we chat or call on Facebook or viber etc too it would be very practical. Let's create a team and start talking there. Write down your fb or your viber and add me if you want. Mine is Sotos Meintanis
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Hi Sotos, you are welcome to visit the unofficial DPSH chatroom at: DPSelfHelp - Chatzy
There is usually someone in the chatroom in the afternoon and the evening, but in case that it is empty, just leave a note.
Hello, meintsot01! You brought good ideas for future updates, and I hope Facebook and especially Instagram will add this kind of function to their platforms so users will use these platforms more effectively. Also, I have been missing the group chats on the new popular platforms like TikTok. Right now, I am promoting some new Tik Tok account with the help of services like Free TikTok Likes and Followers | If you need to add some free followers to your account, let me know.
Thanks for sharing your contact details and inviting others to join the team chat. Good luck with your collaboration efforts!
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