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I kind of asked a similar question before, but what I'm curious about is as to whether there is "crazy" and then schizophrenia/psychosis, or if they are basically the same thing. The reason is, as weird as this sounds, I am less afriad of going crazy if it is schizophrenia, than if my mind just snaps and i start raving and frothing at the mouth and running around naked and howling at the moon. As silly as it sounds, I am terrified of this, because it seems like there is no hope for people if they had that kind of an "insane", but with schizophrenia, at least some people recover with medication and treatment. I'm most afraid of things where there is no treatment (as I guess would be expected.) I was thinking about that yesterday, how sometimes songs get so stuck in my head, or a thought, or a million conversations going on at once (not like voices, just conversations I've had or imagine) and i just want to claw at/shake my head to clear them up. I'm just scared suddenly something will snap, and I'll not recognize where I am, or who i'm with or what things are. Can anyone who knows a bit more about psychology and "crazy" help me out here? :oops: Thanks in advance!
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