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Countdown to 24: Season 4. Three days to go...

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The new season of 24 begins this Sunday at 9 pm. on that whore of a network, Fox. It will be a two-hour premiere and the following night, there will be another 2-hour program, thus bringing us 4 hours into the season.

For those sad and pitiable creatures who have not yet glanced upon this landmark of network television, it focuses on Jack Bauer and the Los Angeles Counter Terrorist Unit. In season one, it was a kidnapping of Jack's family and the attempted assasination of the President of the United States. Season two was a nuclear bomb threat to Los Angeles. Season three was the threat of a biological virus. One can only wait and see what season four will bring us. 24 is shot in real time. One episode equals one hour of real time. That's the show's schtick.

Keifer Sutherland (who plays agent Jack Bauer) was on Charlie Rose last night talking about the upcoming season. It seems that most of the characters from the first three seasons aren't coming back, and may only come in with cameo appearances. I have to say, i really don't like this. Now, i'm glad Kim will not be in it as much...but the president, David Palmer, is no longer president in this can this be? He was like, the best president ever. I only hope they bring him back as a kind of Yoda character who offers wisdom and advice to Jack in his quest to fight the evils of international terrorism.

Anyway, this thread is for anyone who'd like to talk about the show. But for God's sake...if you know anything about the new season that will spoil it for me or anyone else, don't say anything. I don't want to hear, "Hey, i hear Tony Almeda gets his head blown off in the first 15 mins. or something like that."

Oh Nina, you naughty girl, you.

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sc said:
I watch very little television, but that program caught my attention last season. And of course I always like network whores. That being the case, and in the unusual circumstance that I actually remember - me and my bowl of popcorn will be glued to the screen Sunday evening.
Oh Sc, how i envy your virgin eyes witnessing this program for the first time. You can even journey to your local video store and rent the first three seasons. It's so much better watching them on dvd...but it becomes a bit addictive, i'm afraid.

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