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I am new here.
From last January to April I had 3 majot traumas in my life. Durning that time i was experiencing anxiety symptoms.. then I had about 2 weeks where I felt disconnected but it went away.
I ended up having a full blown panic attack and then it all started again, the unreal feelings. I went to see my Dr and I am on lexapro and klonopin. I have been for almost 4 months.
I have the dp on and off, actually I was doing well for about 2 months but as my allergies kick in I start to feel anxious again and the dp starts again.

I see a thearpist and psychiatrist and I have told them how i feel. My therapist says that the dp is just my worst anxiety symptom, she said that she's heard of it before. my official diagnosis is adjustment disoder witrh severe anxiety.

I was starting to develop agoraphobia but now I live my life normal. I have great times with my husband and kids but sometimes I just get scared and afraid of the unreal feelings coming back that I think i di it to myself.

Both my Dr.'s are aware of this and tell me that considering all that I have been through that it is going to take a while for me to get better. I do find that when I have the dp feelings I am more about to tell myself that I AM OK and that I will not go crazy.

ALso I have anticipary (sp) anxiety where i am so afraid of the anxiety so I bring it on.

I am a very happy person and when I have the dp feelings I want to be close to dh and make love, its what makes me feel the best.

SO i guess my question is.... since I had anxiety 1st and that brought on the dp will I get better (one of the anxiety/panic symptoms is feelings of unreality)? My therapist says that I will be ok but I am still scared. She even tells me that I am doing so well that I don't have to see her. Deep inside I always have the inpending doom feeling. I am a very happy person and I have a GREAT life and so much support, that is great for

Thank you for any feedback that you may have!!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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