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Could vestibular problems and DPDR be related

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The DPDR I have been experiencing since 2015 got better at the end of 2016. However I still have anxiety issues and feel light headed.

However, a couple of days ago I woke with a full pressure sensation in my ears and head and a low pitched constant hum that got worse when the kettle was boiling on the air condition fan was on in the bathroom. Anyway by the afternoon it went away and I felt a lot better.

However, last night I was feeling tense and had a bad headache and a bit of toothache so I took a paracetamol and went to bed. The next morning I woke up and felt a lot better and I got up to feed the cat and go to the bathroom. I then went back to bed but when I turned over in bed I felt a dizzy sensation which freaked me out.

I opened my eyes and seen the room spinning like being on a boat cap sizing. I then closed my eyes and the dizzy sensation eased. It wasn't until I got up to go back to the bathroom that the whole room started spinning and I started panicking.

I then tried to walk to the bathroom but I was losing my balance because of the severe spinning dizziness I was experiencing. This lasted for about 5 minutes then it eased. I then tried to lie on the sofa but when I lay there th dizziness came back full force.

With this I am now starting to get the horrible DPDR effects back with everything not looking real and I am not in my body. I went to my Doctor who did tests and he thinks I could have vestibular problems with my inner ears.
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i believe DP has something to do with faulty connections from proprioceptors so yes, I definitely think vestibular issues could exacerbate dp
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