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could lack of concentration be the cause of dpdr?

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Just a question, I have very bad concentration and memory like many others. But sometimes I read story about people and they write very good and fluence. I always need to take so much time to write something, my concentration is so bad. Could it be that dpdr (for some people) can be caused by a lack of concetration, focus. Like people with low iq who take meds to concentrate, maybe I need to try some of those. Could ritalin work? I dont know im just thinking about every possible sollution for dp. Im so tired of not living.
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Have you tried using essential oils to improve concentration? Since ancient times, Rosemary essential oil has been considered the best stimulant of memory and mental activity due to its strong tonic effect. It is enough to take a couple of breaths of this fragrance from the bottle, as you will feel that your head has cleared. Aromatherapists call him "the best friend of a middle-aged manager" for his ability to improve analytical abilities, direct thinking in a rational direction, and for helping in the fight against chronic fatigue syndrome. Please read about it on
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