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could lack of concentration be the cause of dpdr?

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Just a question, I have very bad concentration and memory like many others. But sometimes I read story about people and they write very good and fluence. I always need to take so much time to write something, my concentration is so bad. Could it be that dpdr (for some people) can be caused by a lack of concetration, focus. Like people with low iq who take meds to concentrate, maybe I need to try some of those. Could ritalin work? I dont know im just thinking about every possible sollution for dp. Im so tired of not living.
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There are a lot of things that people have believed since ancient times in every culture and that are known to be false. Ancient times are a poor source of information in general.
you can make this claim, exactly the same quote, with switching the word „ancient“ in „modern“.

every day people are desteoying their brain and nervous system with psych meds and 500 years later there will come another guy who will say that psych meds are bad and that people like trith believed 500 years ago that they were helpful
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