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I am currently working on a project that will aim to increase public awareness for DPDR and educate people on the condition who have no idea what it is. I'm reaching out to people to provide contributions of their personal experiences with DPDR. Either respond to this forum or message me privately but it would be really helpful for people to provide extensive detail on their personal DPDR journey, including the symptoms they experience, how it might/might not have been caused, the experience they have with seeking treatment and talking to mental health professionals, any recovery stories that people may have. The more detail, the better. Also, by responding to this thread/direct messaging me, you are consenting for me to use your material to release to public domain.

At the moment, the audience is the general public and the aim is to educate them on the condition and what it's like for sufferers. If anyone has any suggestions on the best way to get this across, please do share. For example, if you have particular ways that you have explained it to loved ones which has allowed them to gain a decent understanding of it. Hopefully, getting something like this into mainstream media will do wonders for public understanding and awareness of the condition and I'm confident that, with enough contribution from people on this site, I can collate something that portrays exactly what we go through.

Leave responses below! x
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