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Contemplating suicide

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I have both dp and anhedonia. I guess both are connected. SSRI use (which I took for social anxiety) is what triggered them. I'm extremely devastated. I thought by going back on an SSRI, they'd resolve. Instead, It made them much worse. Wellbutrin did not do shit. I feel my life ended here. I was a successful motivated person but now I'm very dysfunctional. Dp is affecting my abiliy to drive. I'm ashamed of myself. What I'm gonna say if my relatives ask why I'm not driving? I swear if I don't find a med for this, I will kill myself.
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Know the anhedonia, going through it myself right now. Hang in there, you'll never know what you could achieve. Right now just focus on getting through each day.
Again I can relate, I am currently under medical review for driving and it's hard to come to terms with. It's not forever, I mean if they really don't get DP, just say you have vertigo or something, or just tell them withdrawals are causing concentration issues and you don't feel up to it. The end of the day, you can only please yourself sometimes.

Maybe you don't wanna go down the meds again, but there is always different angles for anhedonia that I am currently about to explore.

I can name 3 that are all totally different, all used in cases, Ritalin/various ADHD medications, Mirtazapine which worked for me (until making me manic but that's another story) when SSRI's did not touch my anhedonia at all and Lamotrigine often talked about in this forum. Just saying there are many more avenues
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