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Contemplating suicide

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I have both dp and anhedonia. I guess both are connected. SSRI use (which I took for social anxiety) is what triggered them. I'm extremely devastated. I thought by going back on an SSRI, they'd resolve. Instead, It made them much worse. Wellbutrin did not do shit. I feel my life ended here. I was a successful motivated person but now I'm very dysfunctional. Dp is affecting my abiliy to drive. I'm ashamed of myself. What I'm gonna say if my relatives ask why I'm not driving? I swear if I don't find a med for this, I will kill myself.
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I often think about suicide, but i'm aware what this desicion would mean for my relatives... I couldn't do that to them... so I feel like I'm sacrificing myself for my relatives just for them not to experience rhe horrible after effects if i did one day take that decision. I'm not familiar with anhedonia, only with dp, but that alone is bad enough. Hang in there man! I am currently talking to my physician and trying diferent medications. In your case I would put more efford in talking to your phycisian and when you do have an agreement about medication, make sure that the medication also works for depression... please do so..... because the depression is the one that triggers suicidal thoughts.
Escitalopram, have tried that? That one lifted up my mood and took away 70 percent of my depression, it made life liveable. A lot of people who suffer from dp combine escitalopram with lamotrigine.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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