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Congrats London 2012 Olympics

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Good for you UKer's!

Are you happy about holding the Olympics again?

Anyone have any new games they think should be added? Banger tossing or something along those lines maybe?


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I think you are Mr Mole !

I think it's absolutely fantastic news ! I'm well chuffed. AND, we made the french cry...the arrogant bastards !!! He he he he he he. I'd better get in training for the 10,000m now I suppose. Sigh.

Banger tossing or something along those lines maybe?
Of course Terri*. Also, shot-puts shall be replaced by bowler hats, javelins by umbrellas, hurdles by neatly trimmed garden hedges, and the winner of each event will politely give the underdog their medal, as is our wont. The water jump in the steeple-chase shall be filled with warm beer, and the blue ribbon event will be fox hunting. And of course, all female competitors must be attired in full length ball gowns and a rib-crushingly tight corset. Swooning in the heat will be allowed and the event stopped until they are revived by a gentleman waving a white handkerchief in front of her face and a sniff of medicinal 'salts'. The cycling events will be retricted to competitors riding penny farthings only. Rehydrating drinks will be banned. Only a nice cup of tea will be allowed or perhaps a small glass of port. Pole-Vaulters shall use a unbending rod of english self-importance and extra points will be granted for the magnitude of their stiff upper lips when they fail. And every event shall be accompanied by the music from 'Chariots of Fire'.

I'm sure I could think of some more cliches, but I ain't got the time. Please feel free to add.
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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