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I am a 24 year old male and for the past 3 weeks i have been experiencing some odd symptoms. At first it started with a brain fog, or cloudiness in my head. Then i progressed into a muffled type of hearing, now the muffled hearing is gone, but i am having very intermittent very mild headaches and back neck pain, weird problems with my vision (kind of blurry and distant and very sensitive to bright lights), and the brain fog/depersonalization is still there. I can go through my day to day life with no one rreally noticing but i just feel out of it, like im walking though a dream. These symptoms seem to become way worse if i am drinking alcohol, two times when i was intoxicated the entire room began to spin. These symptoms seem to always be there but they do flucuate throughout the entire day sometimes worse then others.

I have also experienced other weird pain that comes and goes througgh out my body (including chest and L arm pain) i also feel like my heart rate is constantly flucating throughout the day and i can sometimes feel my heart pounding in my chest and head)

I have just gone for blood work and amd waiting for the results. I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if anyone has any idea/suggestions?

Thank You

Plant Water Gesture Tree Grass

May 29 2014 10:22 AM

I had terrible, terrible back pain throughout my Depersonalization - know what it was? My posture and sleeping arrangements.

  • I was always hunched over.
  • I was always falling asleep at the worst times.
  • I was never getting enough sleep.
  • I was sleeping in uncomfortable, which caused my back pain.

After getting on a routine schedule and trying to fix my posture the best I can, my back pain has gotten increasingly better over the months. It's just a matter of trying to be ergonomically inclined, I suppose. Also, my brain fog went away, as well - turns out, lack of sleep can cause that.

Do you have much anxiety?

(Sidenote: Not many people use the blogs, so if you wanted more responses, your best bet would be to post it in the actual forums. It's your preference, though, so whatever works out best for you. You'll still replies on blogs, just not as much as the main threads.)

Hair Arm Eye Jaw Gesture

May 29 2014 10:23 AM

Thank you for response, i have never really has anxiety before. I have always been a nervous person. but never thought i have had anxiety (until now that is..)

I guess i am just wondering if this sounds like brain fog/DP/DR or if it could possible be something worse.


Plant Water Gesture Tree Grass

May 29 2014 10:28 AM

I don't think it's anything worse - I think you're experiencing Depersonalization/Derealization. Brain fog is definitely a very common symptom among people who experience detachment, I know I get this a bit still myself, even after my Depersonalization.

You said you were a nervous person, could you go into more depth about that?

Hair Arm Eye Jaw Gesture

May 29 2014 10:50 AM

Whenever something nerve racking in my life is occuring (public speaking, new job etc etc) i become extremely anxious. Feel nauseated, diarrhea, and always moving my legs if that make sense.

Plant Water Gesture Tree Grass

May 29 2014 10:56 AM

Hm. You should see if you can speak to a professional, see if you have increased anxiety - most of the time, Depersonalization happens from that.

Hair Arm Eye Jaw Gesture

May 29 2014 12:32 PM

I appreicte the comments Solomon I really do!!

Does DP/DR come out of know where usually? like for me it felt like i literally just woke up with it one morning. And is common for the symptoms to be constantly changing? Like i used to have muffled hearing but that is gone, and today i dont really have any vision problems. Just feel off today and have a headache. Is it normal for the symptoms to change?

Plant Water Gesture Tree Grass

May 29 2014 03:52 PM

Depersonalization/Derealization are a product of something; some of the more common causes are:

  • Childhood Neglect.
  • Trauma.
  • Anxiety.

You may want to look more into those aspects and really examine your past; try to figure out if there was anything that put you in this position. You said you were a nervous person, so I'm curious to know if you more anxiety than you should.

As for the symptoms changing, that's actually pretty common. People experience a bunch of different things when detached from reality, especially things like sporadic changes in vision/senses. Usually the vision problems are brought on by anxiety, as the dilation of the pupils happens when your body fills itself with Adrenaline/Cortisol, which are the main chemicals that give you the fight-or-flight response.

Hair Arm Eye Jaw Gesture

May 31 2014 12:32 PM

Sorry for all the questions, and i appreciate all the help.

This just literally came out of know where. If i focus on something else it usually goes away, that has to be good signs hey? but if i began to focus on it it comes back, and the more and more worry about it the worse it becomes.

My headache seems to have gone away, unless i really shake my head fast it hurts mildly. is that normal fo DP?

It just weird cause i dont think i have ever had anxiety and my chilhood and life have been pretty good. What else can cause DP? this literally started two days before i went to mexico (for a brother wedding) i didnt feel anxious or stressed about that trip.. but that maybe could have been the cause i dont know. When in mexico, i found when i was drinking alcohol in made the symptoms much much much more worse, felt really out of it. and two times the room began to spin out of control (scariest thing of my life). Does alcohol potentiate DP/DR?

Initially i thought this was a brain tumor or something serious, but i am happy to hear it is probably someting more manageable and cureable.

Plant Water Gesture Tree Grass

May 31 2014 02:33 PM

Having a good distraction is a very good sign; some people are literally inhibited by Depersonalization, so it's always good to see someone that can distract themselves and get their minds off of the detachment perspective.

There are many different things that can cause Depersonalization, but it's really up to you to find those things. Look in your childhood, look at your life now, dive deep into your past, and try to look for things that could be causing you stress, anxiety, or depression. I would also recommend finding a therapist to help with this.
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