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Concentration and Focus

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Ok...I can't concentrate, think or focus for shit!
I was just at the grocery and made a list of stuff to get. Well I was in the aisles, not able to think and concentrate. I'd just stare right through my list. And like I'll be watching TV and just catch myself staring off into space. Almost like I am looking through the TV.
Obviously this goes hand in hand with the inability to focus outwards, but damn it is annoying as hell. Anyone know anything that I can do to help this???


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I feel your pain. I too have a well documented history of the same sort of concentration problems you complain of. Mine also involve reading, creative writing, watching tv/movies, conversations, driving, <or insert any activity that demands more than a comatose alertness here>. I do however have a few brief moments where Ive felt the focus come back and I once again return to my old, pre-dp witty and charming self :), but this normally only occurs when I find myself:

a) Comfortable with my surroundings.
b) Free from thought of the stresses of the day.
c) Not thinking about DP and its many symptoms.

Sadly I only ever seem to experience this wonderful window of opportunity from 6-10pm on Friday afternoons after work, and usually after a couple of beers.

In my case anxiety appears to play a major role with the focal problems. This observation may also apply to you as well as you also complain of the attention problems during times when an anxious person may feel like they?re in a stressful situation such as when they?re out shopping.

You?ll more than likely find it is indeed anxiety causing you to focus inward and blot out everything that is around you in times of perceived duress. You?re not short of focus, you are probably just diverting it to a cause that the body feels is more important at the time. You are trying to figure out what is ?wrong? with you, not knowing that the act is actually causing the symptoms that you then worry about. I know I only experience ?normality? when I break the worry-symptom-worry cycle.

You may want to check out some of these other posts:
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I hope some of that made sense. Be kind to yourself.
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