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coming out of DP

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Can anyone relate to this?

I feel I am coming out of DP I have been getting better each day, but I still don't quite feel right, I am getting clammy hands and sweaty feet and feel nervous, yet I feel quite normal but don't yet completely feel fully connected to my sense of self, does this make sense???

I seem to get feelings lifting me up or connecting me to myself. Can anyone relate to starting to feel normal but on the other hand still DP'd??

It is quite an nervous feeling actually. It is also really really hard not to self monitor and think about how you feel. I find this part really difficult.

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Yes, I can relate to that. And, if my experience is anything to go by, it's actually good news...believe it or not.

When are are totally DP'd your brain is trying desperatly to distance yourself from anxiety and panic, and when it fails (and the DP disappears) then you are going to notice that you are nervous...I know I did. But concentrate on the relief that your DP has gone...just give in to your unconscious temptation to start fretting about it...because you know where that will lead. Back to square one.
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