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Coming in tune with reality?

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I am so lost so confused. I have no idea if I am better or not.

I am on klonazapan, and it helps with my anxiety much more than zoloft. as a result I am getting off zoloft, I went up to 250mg to see if it could knock this out and it didnt. I went to 100mg and felt much better. I think the zoloft just makes my feelings worse at such high doses. So I am weaning off of it.

My anxiety is controled for the most part as a result I feel very depressed. As if my depression has taken anxiety's place? I dont know, but I also am going away to college and I am upset about that. I dont know all I wanna do is cry. I am frustrated with my state. I just feel I need to cry.

It seems like a large shift has happen, but Im not sure if thats good or bad?

Like I also notice I dont feel as "dazed" in bright lit places like stores and such. Generally I feel different, but I dont know if it is my mind relaxing finally and trying the healing prossess.

For a while there it was like a standstill, I was the same in and out as always, nothing helped nothing got better. It is better now but I am just curious if this sounds like someone's path to recover?
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