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Coincidences and synchronicity . Anyone?

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Hi everyone.

So i've been dealing with Dpdr for over 3 months now. I posted a topic here while back and got some pretty good advices from people which really helped me to overcome some symptoms.
Well, actually, i made a 99% recovery a week ago and was feeling just fine for couple of days. Forgot about DpDr and was really moving on with my life, untill i satarted expiriance wierd coincidences.

Anyway, what i wanna ask you guys is if any of you had some expiriances strange coincidences or as it also called synchronicites?

1.Im having a chat witha friend about what movie to watch. My friend recomended a movie with Jeniffer Lopez. I recommended a move to a directed by Mel Gibson. The same evening a see a comercial on TV with both actors.

2. I put a Jack Nicholson picture as a profile picture on my WhatsApp where hes laughing and holds a ciggarete in his mouth, and some hours later i find an old picture of me witha same smirk and a ciggarete in my mouth.

Now i don't belive these things have any value or significance, but they really freaked me out and im now back to dpdr.

Is there anyone here who've had similar experiances? Pls share your stories guys.
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Oh god I know this post is super old, but I have been experiencing the exact same things. Except with me, I'll be sitting there and reading something while watching TV or listening to a YouTube vid, and then I'll read words the exact same time they're said in the video. This will also happening when I'm writing or talking and listening to something. It's the whole reason my DPDR started in the first place.
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